Baby and You


Andy Burman

Dietitians are the leading health professionals to help people eat more healthily and the BDA is always looking at how we can help everyone improve their diet. Of course,
Eating Well, Living Well is a key tool but we also have a wide range of Food Fact sheets available on our website and through NHS Choices. These give everyone advice on eating with specific illnesses, at different times in life or those who wish to follow a particular diet.

We are also proud of our latest campaign called Work Ready!, designed to help improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. We want to help everyone make healthy choices. The challenge facing us, as we know, is massive, with the NHS struggling to cope. As an example, the cost of tackling malnutrition in the UK is £20 billion a year and the cost of tackling obesity is £16 billion a year. The annual budget of the NHS in England is £107 billion and we know it is underfunded. If we could all improve our diet, freeing up potentially a third of the NHS budget in England alone, imagine how much we could improve the rest of the NHS! Keep reading and join us on the journey to eating well and living well.

Andy Burman – Chief Executive, The British Dietetic Association



Penny Hunking

Nutrition for good health is well established but for overall wellbeing, there are other lifestyle areas that deserve attention. In this issue of Eating Well, Living Well we take a peep into sleep, a wander into walking and show how you really can ‘have your cake and eat it’! You’ve survived the media bombardment of ‘New Year New You’ diet and fitness routines, but how long did your New Year detox last? Many people are back to their previous eating and exercise habits within a few weeks, days or even hours! Why not try a different way? Get SMART by making small changes in your lifestyle habits, rather than dramatic ones that aren’t usually sustainable. Ignore those media fads and read on to see what YOU can do to help YOU achieve what YOU want – for ever. Let’s ‘Fight the Fads’ together to help you live life to full and have plenty of fun along the way too.

Penny Hunking MBDA, RD, R.SEN, RNutr (Public Health)