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So that bacteria can be effective and rebalance the gut successfully, they have to do three key things. These are: to get to their destination, remain there, and then continue to grow – in short, they need to ‘Arrive, Survive and Thrive’.

Symprove’s bacteria are live and active, meaning they ‘arrive’ and are ready to work with your digestive system from the outset. As Symprove is a liquid, it does not trigger digestion in the body as a food would when swallowed. This would mean that a food-based bacteria product might struggle to survive in the acidic environment of the stomach. Also, those that are freeze-dried are inactive bacteria when ingested and so many of these don’t survive the stomach either.

Symprove is different because it contains live and active bacteria in a unique water-based formulation that does not trigger digestion when swallowed – therefore the bacteria are able to ‘survive’ through the stomach.

After passing through the extremely harsh environment of the stomach, the bacteria needs to quickly colonise. Symprove, with its patented ‘Unique delivery system’, arrives in the gut as it should and immediately starts to ‘thrive’.

University College London’s (UCL) independent research has corroborated that Symprove has the ability to do all these three things. They compared various products and found that Symprove was the only one to pass all three tests.

The company encourages customers to follow their 12-week programme and take Symprove daily for that time, so that maximum results can be seen. Research shows that for the gut to become the most balanced it takes the full twelve weeks. To support the customer in this, they commit to giving the last four weeks free when someone purchases the other eight.


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