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Voted by a consumer survey of more than 11,500 people in the UK and Ireland. Slim Pasta, Slim Noodles and Slim Rice received the Healthy Food Product of the Year 2016 award for its innovation in healthy food.

It’s hard to resist throwing in some egg noodles when you are sizzling up a stir-fry. Or a scrummy plateful of pasta when you feel like a filling feast.
 But traditional pasta, noodles and rice contain hefty helpings of carbs, fat – and on average more than 300 calories a serving. 
So it’s welcome news for those who want to stay slim that there is a tasty alternative packed with all the pleasure, but with zero carbs, gluten or sugar and with just nine calories in a 100g serving. 
It means you can eat oodles of these noodles without putting on weight or the even the need of insulin!

Made from organic konjac flour and organic oat fibre to a secret recipe called Juroat, you can serve these healthy versions just like any standard noodles, pasta or rice, dressed with your favourite sauces, gravies, soups or stir fries.
 Konjac has been eaten for centuries in Japan. It traditionally looks translucent and has a chewy texture. But the new Juroat recipe has greatly improved on this, by making the noodles look like egg noodles and the pasta like pasta, with the same al dente texture. 
And it is even available in a choice of penne, fettucine and spaghetti, each with its own unique recipe, not forgetting the option of low-calorie rice.
 Apart from being low-calorie, the water-absorbing soluble fibres in the konjac root take more time than standard fibre to pass through the digestive system, leaving you feeling fuller and less likely to fill up on fattening snacks.

Other known benefits: for Diabetics, Lyme disease sufferers, IBS sufferers, Ketogenic diet.

The range is available from Holland and Barrett and selected Asda stores.

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