Baby and You

Pharmacy2U believe that looking after your health should be simple and convenient.

Established in 1999, their founding pharmacists understood the revolutionary potential of using technology to help make life easier for patients. It’s the ideal service for those who:

  • Regularly receive treatment for a long term illness
  • Suffer from reduced mobility
  • Experience limited access to a traditional pharmacy due to geography or schedule

Having worked closely with the NHS to help pioneer the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), Pharmacy2U manages the repeat prescription needs of patients registered with a GP in England. It’s an approach that has proven popular with patients. Pharmacy2U is now the UK’s largest online pharmacy, helping over 150,000 patients across England.

How it works

Here’s how the Pharmacy2U NHS repeat prescription service helps patients manage their medication:

  • Patients can use technology to manage their medication from anywhere, at anytime
  • Free delivery to anywhere in the UK
  • Handy reminders when it’s time to order medication
  • Tailored delivery preferences to fit around their lives

We’re regulated in exactly the same way as traditional pharmacies. The process does not require any additional work for your GP and they maintain full oversight and control of the medication you are being prescribed.

Helping you and the NHS

43% of the UK population currently receive a repeat prescription, costing the NHS £8 billion each year*. With a population living longer, this trend is set to continue and could put a strain on NHS resources. Managing your repeat prescriptions online could help save GPs more than 6.5 hours a week**, allowing them to spend more time with patients suffering from acute conditions. Online ordering also could save the NHS over £300 million a year on prescription costs*.

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