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At WoolOvers, we have been providing finest quality knitwear since 1989 and we pride ourselves on delivering great value, choice and service for our customers.

Since 1989, all-natural knitwear specialist, WoolOvers has been delighting customers with colourful and superb knitwear, great customer service, surprisingly affordable prices and an unshakeable commitment to all-natural yarns.

Born from small beginnings, trading at country shows and equestrian events across the UK, WoolOvers today has a far-reaching, global presence. They currently boast nine, separate, international websites – three of which are fully translated – and they have to date served over one million customers, worldwide.

So, why are all-natural yarns so important to them? Well, they believe in doing things the smart way, and for them, the “smart way” is to trust in the beauty, the simplicity and the quality of all-natural yarns. Since day dot, nature has been a trusted, go-to source when it comes to producing long-lasting clothing, so they’re sticking with this.

Naturally non-allergenic, naturally warming (and cooling, when need be), renewable and sustainable, all-natural fibres possess qualities and deliver benefits, which cannot be bettered by man-made synthetics – no matter how hard man tries! All-natural fibres are comfortable, warm and cosy, and sensitive. They are strong and durable, robust and resilient, superb, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Along with their strong commitment to all-natural yarns, they are very proud of their impressive selection of classic and contemporary styles. Season after season, they offer stylish, everyday essentials, all which slot seamlessly into both practical and special-occasion wardrobes. When it comes to creating effortless, well-put-together outfits, WoolOvers has you covered!

WoolOvers is loved for their heritage, their expertise, their Britishness and their shout-about customer service. Their wonderful selection of colours across a fantastic range of styles not only brightens their customer’s wardrobes but also has them coming back for more, season after season! And when it comes to timeless knitwear classics, they are the trusted choice.


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