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FOCO 100% Coconut Water has been known around the world for its delicious coconut and exotic tropical fruit drinks.

For thousands of years, locals have been able to drink this deliciously refreshing water and enjoy all the benefits of its wholesome goodness. Now, wherever you are, the best-tasting coconut water in the world is never far away. FOCO 100% pure is low in calories, high in nutrients (with no fewer than five essential electrolytes) and delivers amazing hydration.

Young green coconuts grown in Southeast Asia produce the most divinely refreshing coconut water in the world. These are the coconuts we use, and it’s why FOCO 100% pure coconut water is the most delicious you’ll ever taste.

Whilst other brands might source their coconuts from around the world, we believe that blending and mixing will only compromise quality and distort purity of flavour. So we harvest FOCO 100% pure coconut water solely from dedicated plantations that always give us consistency of taste, quality and supply.

At FOCO, we’re in full control of the production chain. Right from picking, processing and packaging through to delivery.

FOCO is currently the only branded coconut water with its own dedicated packing plant. And because we never overstock – and also send every batch through an ultra high temperature (UHT) process -you can rely on each one staying perfectly fresh and stable for the shelf.

Meaning that you’ll enjoy the same fabulous flavour every time you drink FOCO 100% pure coconut water.


What makes FOCO 100% pure coconut water so good for me?

Many athletes and scientists believe coconut water to be an even better hydrator than water. FOCO coconut water – super-saturated with the big five electrolytes calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium – is the ultimately  refreshing recovery drink for active lifestyles.

Where is FOCO Pure Coconut Water produced?

We make FOCO from coconuts grown on plantations in Vietnam. And we control production all the way from picking, processing and packaging to shipping and delivery to your local shop. Our dedication is your guarantee of purity, freshness, delicious taste and premium quality.

What does ‘single source’ mean?

‘Single source’ means just that: FOCO 100% pure coconut water comes from coconuts grown in the same location. And we never mix it with coconut water from other regions. That’s how we can promise you the most consistently pure and refreshingly tasty coconut water in the world.

What is the difference between FOCO 100% Pure Coconut Water and Coconut Juice?

FOCO 100% Pure Coconut Water in a Tetra Pak is pure coconut water with no added ingredients. This means no sugar, no preservatives and no colours added.

You’ll be amazed that such a refreshingly sweet taste is completely natural.

Coconut Juice, usually found in a can, is aproduct made with coconut water, water, sugar, coconut pulp, citric acid (as an acidity regulator) and potassium metabisulphite (as preservative).

Is FOCO pure coconut water pasteurised?

Yes, it is. The production process that enables us to pack and preserve it without any additives requires the coconut water to go through a process known as UHT (ultra high temperature). To you and me, pasteurisation!

Do I have to refrigerate FOCO pure coconut water?

Not until you open it, because it’s ‘shelf stable’ at room temperature (between approximately 40°F and 90°F). When you do open it, you should refrigerate it… and it will last up to 3 days. We strongly recommend chilling before serving for a magically refreshing taste.


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