Baby and You

Cooking is an essential life skill, learning the basics encourages a healthy diet for life

Let’s Get Cooking is a fabulous initiative set up initially by the Children’s Food Trust and now run by the British Dietetic Association.

Inspiring children and adults to learn to cook and enjoy good food increases the confidence and skills needed to get hands-on in the kitchen and make healthier food choices, which last a lifetime.

Through its network of cooking clubs in schools, early years and community settings we have reached more than 3.5 million beneficiaries to date. Over 9 out of 10 club members (92%) said they used their new cooking skills again at home, and more than half (58%) chose a healthier diet after they learned to cook with Let’s Get Cooking.

Research conducted in 2016 for Let’s Get Cooking concluded that over 8 out of 10 parents (84%) say that they worry about how their child eats. More than one in five parents (28%) said that giving children more opportunities to learn to cook from scratch would be most likely to help their children eat more healthily in future.

The Let’s Get Cooking programme reaches both children and parents giving them the skills and knowledge to cook healthier meals at home. As well as teaching cooking skills to adults and children, the programme inspires the next generation to be passionate about food. In a short space of time it can enable children to make better choices, even those children who can list all the things they don’t like and then enthusiastically eat something off that list by the end of the first class!

Here’s some inspirational feedback from children who have attended a group:

“I like preparing food from the start and I know what’s in food now. I like to try new things and I’m not scared anymore, even if I don’t like the look of it.”

“Let’s Get Cooking is epic because you get to have fun and cook. The Greek Salad was my favourite because we got to do lots of chopping.”

“I like trying more food now, even stuff I didn’t like before. The stuff we cook tastes good!”

“I really love cooking and find it lots of fun. I now know how to make many different dishes and have cooked for my mum and dad at home.”

Let’s Get Cooking, under leadership of the British Dietetic Association, will continue to give practical cooking skills training to children, adults and families to empower them to make good food decisions based on sound nutrition principles, which supports them to eat healthily across all life stages.

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