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It might be a common condition – 1 in 3 women experience bladder sensitivity – but it still remains one of the last taboos in female health. This stigma and lack of willingness to talk about the condition, can leave women feeling self-conscious and often unsure about the best products available and the right treatments to manage the condition. Luckily, Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder is on hand with all the essential advice and information to help you cope with bladder so that nothing holds you back from living life to the full.

Use products designed for bladder sensitivity

The Always Discreet range of liners, light pads, moderate pads and pants are all tailored to fit the needs of women with sensitive bladder, so there’s nothing holding you back!

Always Discreet Liners and Pads absorb leaks & odours in seconds – they have an ‘ultra’ thin absorbent core that turns liquid into gel. They’re subtle enough to wear under clingy exercise-wear, and the floral package design ensures the product are discreet and feminine. Ideal for heavier leaks, Always Discreet Pants feature a Thin Triple Layer core and cotton-like softness, providing up to 100% protection and comfort.

So how can you manage the condition and move with confidence?

Try swapping high-impact exercises, such as jogging and jumping, that can make bladder leaks worse with brisk walking or cycling; these low-impact exercises lift your chest and strengthen your spine.*

For more information, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional or visit 

* NHS. 2015.’10 ways to stop leaks,’


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