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If you’re looking for meat with good natural health benefits, you may want to consider going ‘grass-fed’. Donald Russell, the UK’s leading mail order and online butcher, has specialised in the finest traditionally matured, grass-fed beef and lamb since 1974. They are passionate about grass-feeding, for the health benefits and quality of the meat it produces

Head Butcher, Mark Farquhar is an advocate for grass-fed beef. “In my book it’s the best. You can see the fine, even marbling that grass-feeding gives the meat, and this creates that signature deep yet mellow flavour that I look for in a really good steak.”

As well as the flavour benefits, grass-feeding has been associated with higher concentrations of omega 3 essential fatty acids and trace minerals when compared with grain-fed meat. Donald Russell treat this fantastic natural product with respect, letting it age for up to 35 days to become flavoursome, tender and succulent, before precision hand-cutting each steak, ready for your grill.

They then vacuum pack and blast freeze their steaks, roasts and chef-prepared meals, meaning they can deliver them direct to your door without the need to add preservatives or anything artificial.

Based in Aberdeenshire, in the heart of Scottish beef country, Donald Russell has a proven reputation for championing the best natural flavour. They were dubbed ‘the Rolls-Royce of butchers’ in the press and have held their Royal Warrant for supplying The Queen’s royal households for over 30 years.

As a special offer to BDA members, you can enjoy 20% off your order. Simply call 01467 629666, quoting ewlw1601, or go to, where you’ll find their full range of grass-fed beef and more. You can also take advantage of the offer below for the Traditional Steak Selection (20% discount does not apply).


•  2 Sirloin Steaks, 190g each

•  2 Ribeye Steaks, 190g each

•  1 Pavé Rump Steak, 150g

•  4 Pavé Rump Medallions, in pack of 4, 240g

•  6 Mini Steak Burgers, 270g per pack

•  4 Pork Sausages, 280g per pack

Was £58, now just £29

Promo code – ewlw1602


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