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Of course, you already knew Omega-3 is good for you. But Testa’s Omega-3 is even better. Why?

Terrestrial trees and plants only produce a third of the oxygen we breath. The rest comes from our oceans. Their health is therefore extremely important to us humans. Omega-3 is traditionally extracted from fish. A lot of fish, in fact: some 25% of the global fish harvest is used for the production of Omega-3. This causes huge damage to the underwater ecosystem that produces our oxygen.

Whereas the alternative is simple. You see, fish don’t produce their own Omega-3, they get it from algae. We at Testa decided to do likewise. We grew the algae in reservoirs of filtered water under controlled conditions. The result is a 100% vegetable and flawless product. Because no fish also means excluding hazardous substances like mercury, PCBs and dioxins. But including all the valuable components that pure Omega-3 has to offer your brains, eyes and heart.

Choosing Testa means choosing the goodness of Omega-3. But better.

Why Testa Omega-3 is the best choice for you:

  • With just one capsule a day you get exactly the right amount of DHA + EPA fatty acids you need:

DHA: 250 mg

EPA: 125 mg

  • 100% plant based: a pure and flawless product, free of contaminants such as mercury, PCB’s and dioxins 
  • Guaranteed quality and freshness because of airtight blister packaging and regular production 
  • Better taste: none of that fishy aftertaste that comes with fish oil. Testa is 100% plant based
  • Keeps our oceans healthy and our oxygen supply strong

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