Baby and You

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Angie Jefferson highlights the downside of skipping breakfast and suggests some healthy breakfast foods to help you kick-start your day

• 1 in 7 school kids and 1 in 3 adults skip breakfast

• Whether at home or on the run, opt for a breakfast that gives you the widest range of nutrients


  • Miss out on vital nutrients, such as fibre, iron and calcium, which are not made up during the rest of the day
  • Be grumpier; it’s official, eating breakfast improves mood
  • Struggle to think quickly
  • Find physical tasks harder to complete
  • Be more likely to gain weight


• Wholegrain cereal & semi-skimmed milk is a good source of fibre, iron* and calcium
* fortified cereal

• Why not take a breakfast challenge? Eat a balanced breakfast of a cereal food, portion of fruit and a serving of dairy every morning for 1 month and see how much better you feel.

Public Health England (2013) Breakfast and Cognition Review of the literature