Baby and You

Lunchbox with sandwich, vegetables, fruit on white background. Top view

Johanna Hignett provides some fascinating facts and stats about when, where and what we most like to eat for lunch

• Most of us eat lunch in the middle of the day, around 12.30pm

• The average lunch break lasts around 28 minutes

• One quarter of workers eat lunch at their desk and 6 out of 10 skip lunch and graze on snacks instead

• Free school meals for children in infant classes means that about 85% of younger children enjoy a hot school lunch every day.


• Most people buy lunch out of home 4 in 10 prepare it beforehand

• Only 17% of British employees take their full lunch break. 12% never, or hardly ever, take a lunch break

• The most common lunch item is the humble sandwich, with cheese, ham and chicken being favourite fillings.