Baby and You

For optimum health it is important to include a wide range of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in your diet and Linwoods healthy superfoods have made it easy for you. Our range of milled seeds is nutritionally dense to support a healthy well-balanced diet and active lifestyle. The milled nature of our seeds means you can add a healthy boost to almost any meal, snack or smoothie in an easy and convenient way. Milled seeds also aid quick and easy absorption into the body, providing an immediate energy source and a range of health benefits.

Only the finest quality ingredients are sourced from around the world to produce these nutritious superfoods that are packed full of goodness. Our seed, nuts and berry blends provide a great source of Omega 3, fibre, protein, and many more vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy diet.

EatWell Guide

The new guide shows the proportions of food groups and how much of each we should eating daily. According to Public Health England these work…

BDA Work Ready

Work Ready is a new dietitian-led wellness initiative designed to help your workforce stay healthy and well at work.