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The best foods to protect your vision
By Dr Clare O’Donnell, Head of Eye Sciences at Optegra Eye Health Care

Did you know simple changes to the food you eat can help protect your vision? Diet is important and some nutrients can help protect the body from damaging substances called oxidants.

At Optegra Eye Health Care we recommend a healthy diet is an important part of looking after your eyes, however you should talk to your GP before making major changes to your diet and refer to the Eatwell Guide:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in visual development and normal eye function.
  • Vitamin A and vitamin B2 are important in the maintenance of normal vision.
  • Zinc found in red meat and poultry is important for the immune system and may have a role in maintaining eye health.

The other essential step is to have regular eye tests – this will not only ensure your vision is as good as possible, but can also check the health of your eye. Certain eye diseases have no symptoms in earliest stages, and yet are most treatable the earlier they are diagnosed – so it is worth a check up at least every two years.

And if the test shows your vision is not as good as it could be, eye surgery can offer incredible results.

There are various options which your expert surgeon can recommend, dependent on your eyes. At Optegra Eye Health Care we treat the A to Z of eye health and offer vision correction with Clarivu lens replacement and laser eye surgery including the very latest ‘keyhole laser eye surgery’ called SMILE.

Find out more about how your local specialist eye hospital can help your vision, by arranging a no-obligation free consultation for vision correction (laser or lens replacement) or attend an open evening. Simply contact Optegra Eye Health Care on tel: 0808 231 3760 or

Dr Clare O’Donnell is a registered optometrist and heads up research division Optegra Eye Sciences

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