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You may have changed your diet for health reasons but has your breath changed too…and not for the better?

Some health conditions, medications and dietary restrictions can cause the body to produce certain enzymes, reduce saliva or impact on its mouth cleaning abilities. This can result in unpleasant smelling breath[1], which can knock your confidence for six. But there is a solution…

Just one daily shot of CB12 mouthwash has the power to eliminate unpleasant breath and restore your confidence.

  • CB12 begins working instantly
  • Used as a daily oral deodorant, CB12 provides 12 hour protection
  • It has a unique, patented formula to neutralise the gases that cause oral malodour[2]
  • It contains fluoride to keep the teeth healthy
  • CB12 is available in mint/menthol and mild mint/menthol flavours
  • It has the power to boost breath confidence with its safe, effective action

CB12 does not just mask unpleasant breath – it has been developed by dentists to effectively resolve it. CB12 powers through odour, neutralising the substances and processes in the mouth that cause unpleasant breath. It also cleverly binds to the lining of the mouth, teeth and tongue to prevent odour from reoccurring for up to 12 hours.[3]

The result… long lasting, first class breath and unstoppable confidence.
CB12 also offers Boost, a sugar-free chewing gum with patented technology to provide a cool minty flavour and prevent unpleasant breath. CB12 Boost has a triple action effect and contains active ingredients for neutralising acid, inhibiting plaque growth and strengthening the teeth whilst also boosting your confidence. Just chew after eating or whenever you feel you need a boost.

You may need to reduce your intake of certain foods, but you don’t have to let bad breath get you down. Feel the power of CB12, for first class breath and confidence that lasts all day.

For more information on CB12 please visit –

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